Richeng Piao: Economist, Data Analyst, and AI Enthusiast

Philosophy of Education:

As an educator, I, Richeng Piao, embrace the transformative power of education in shaping minds, building character, and guiding students towards rewarding careers. My unique background as an economist, data analyst, and AI enthusiast deeply informs my teaching, blending empirical research with insights into the evolving intersection of technology and economics.

Education, in my view, equips students to navigate and interpret the complexities of an economic world increasingly influenced by data and AI. It’s about fostering informed opinions and preparing students for the digital era’s challenges and opportunities.

Teaching Approach:

My teaching methodology is richly informed by my experiences in data analysis, empirical economic modeling, and current research, particularly on Airbnb’s pricing strategies. I aim to make my classes relatable and dynamic, using real-world examples to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

I adopt a varied teaching style to cater to diverse student learning preferences, incorporating lectures, case studies, interactive activities, and practical applications in statistical software like Jupyter Notebook and Python. My classroom is an interactive space where critical thinking and problem-solving are actively encouraged.

Central to my teaching philosophy is the use of historical events and contemporary stories to make discussions more engaging and relevant. I believe in connecting economic theories to real-world scenarios, from past historical events to the most current news stories. This approach not only enhances understanding but also makes the learning experience more vivid and interesting. I have compiled a collection of these stories on my website under the “Wikis” tab, which students and colleagues can explore to gain further insights.

My Teaching Goals:

My teaching is driven by several key objectives:

  • Deep Understanding of Economics: Linking economic theory with real-world applications to demonstrate relevance in everyday life and business.
  • Critical Thinking Development: Encouraging students to engage analytically with information, fostering intellectual growth and professional preparedness.
  • Practical Skills Acquisition: Equipping students with hands-on data analysis skills to meet the demands of a data-centric workplace.
  • Lifelong Interest in Economics and AI: Sharing my passion for the impact of AI on economic models and organizational structures to inspire students.

My Commitment:

I am dedicated to supporting my students beyond the traditional classroom setting, available for guidance through office hours or virtual platforms. My role extends to being a mentor, helping students navigate their academic and professional paths.


With a strong foundation in economics, econometrics, and AI, and a passion for teaching, I am committed to providing an enriching educational experience. Let’s delve into the complexities of today’s economic phenomena and equip ourselves for informed decision-making in an evolving market.